Monday, October 3, 2011

Gumball Machine

Hey Diva's! So it's been about a week or so since I have posted a project but guys I have been totally SWAMPED around the home front! But I'm back Thank Goodness I missed my craft room and all you guys. I wanted to share with you guys this Super Cute Gumball Machine I made. I seen the idea @ Kara's Party Ideas  I'm telling you guys if you LOVE THEMED PARTIES as much as I do you are going to LOVE this site she has the BEST party ideas!! I decided to make this because I am so into the candy bar's that are really happening right now and this little cutie will definitely find it's way on my next candy bar, I LOVE how it came out it was SUPER SUPER EASY to make, just click the Recipe Link it will tell you exactly what materials to use. The only thing I changed for mine was the size of the machine! When it's not being put to use @ parties I will keep it on my file organizer in my craft room, so I can have a sugary snack to keep me awake during late night crafting :) I just ordered some Gumballs to place in it, and the Crew is just itching to get into it lol but I think I'm more excited than they are (Eeekk)!!

How Steenkn Cute right lol! Well guys that's it for today let me know what you think, Have a Great Day and Be Blessed!!

~ Keep GOD 1st in Everything~ 


Dr Sonia S V said...

Letillia- missed you! and what a colorful creation you have shared!

jo ( said...

Super cute!!!! Adorable! :)