Friday, November 30, 2012

Gift Cards Gift Cards and More Gift Cards!!

Hellooo Diva's!!!

So I know it's been awhile since I've Posted, Ok 3mts and 12 Days to be exact BUT Whose Counting, LOL!! I have Really missed you guys and seeing All your Creative Goodness! But this Diva has been Busy Busy Busy embarkng on New Journeys and Exploring New Worlds. I will tell you all ALL About it Later.

N-e-who, How was Everyone's Thanksgiving? Did you Eat as Much as I did and then Regret it after you noticed that the WHOLE Cheesecake was Gone and the Pie pan with all the crumbs was in your hands (Or maybe that's just Me)???

Who went Black Friday Shopping this year? I went out for about 2hrs and Grabbed a Few things, My Top Scores were:

  • Deco Mesh, Ribbon and Christmas Tree Picks (From Michael's)

  • Chi Flat Iron (Target), OMG I LOVE THIS THING!!!

Yep that's All I got Lol!! Was it me or did it seem like there was Nothing really worth Buying this year?

With My Chi Flat Iron, I received a $20 Gift Card and that's when it Struck Me! That's what I'm doing this Year, GIFT CARDS GIFT CARDS and More Gift Cards! As the Crew Members are starting to get older it's kinda getting harder and harder to buy for them (esp Members 1 and 2).

With Gift Cards it saves me the time energy and Hair (From All the Stress of buying for these two) of going out and spending unnecessary money on things I know they either Don't Really want or Need. With Gift Cards I can Load em up with the money and Send them on their Merry little ways.  Happy Teens, Happy Pockets, Happy Wife, Happy Life, lol!!

I also find that not only for my teenagers but also for people like My Sister and Mother (who are Both Very Hard to Shop for as they Never know what they want, Must be who I get it from) that Gift Cards is the WAY TO GO!! To Be Honest I really think I would rather have Gift Cards myself this year because if I get another Bottle of Perfume from the Hubs........................I'm going to be very Grateful, lol!

Most Stores these Days have there Own Giftcards so it's just about knowing what the Person you are buying for is into. If you are going to be buying for me *Wink Wink* I will take gift cards from Michaels, Target, and Any Shoe/Clothing Place in the Mall. Oh Oh and a Spa/Manicure/Pedicure one also.

Some think that Gift Cards are very impersonal but me personally I Love the Thought of them b/c like I said Earlier Some People are Just hard to shop for and with a GC they can go to the store and get what it is they REALLY want. My way of making them a little more Personal is by Using my Gift Card Holder Die by Emma of My Creative Time and to Dress em up a bit!

Here are a few I have done in the Past using her die:

Ok so that's enough of that, I just wanted to share that quick little thought with you guys and to also let you Guys know that the Diva is BACK!!! I will be back Soon and share with you guys what I have been up to for the past couple of months!

Be Blessed Guys and Remember
~ Keep GOD 1st in EVERYTHING!~

Do you Guys Use Gift Cards? Where are your Favorite places you want to receive some from?

A Few Places to Find Some Great Gift Cards:

Gift Card Planet - You can get Special Gift Cards Made/Designed (Think Corporations, Personal)
Target - For All your Target Needs, lol
Walmart - Everyone Shops in Wally Worl, Right??
Joann's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby - For the Crafter in your Life
Gamestop - For the Gamer in your Life
Aeropostale, Old Navy, Hollister - For the Teen in your Life
TJ Maxx- For the Maxxinista in your Life, (eh em, ME!!!)

.......The List just goes On and On