Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Vacation???

Well its that time of year again, Summer Vacation! I guess Im supposed to be happy that Today was the Last Day of School but I'm not (lol). This now means that my children will be home 24 hours 7 days a week for the next 2 1/2 mts! To be brutally honest I looked forward to the Monday after the weekend because that meant I was goin to have a little peace from 8am-3pm, during this time the little ones were on schedules and I could get a little crafting in and run some errands w/o having to round up the whole crew, Now BACK TO REALITY. Don't get me wrong I LOVE MY CHILDREN WITH ALL MY BEING, but I do like when they are in school b/c thats less noise and as I get older alot of NOISE all the time bothers me. When they are in school I don't hear " Mom Teahnna is bothering me", "Mom Tamarra won't give me my toy back.", " Mom can I can I can I". I mean the term is Summer Vacation, or Summer Break. Who is the vacation for, whose getting the break?? I guess I could look @ things on the bright side instead of complaining huh. lets see...No having to get up @ the crack of dawn to pack lunches, do hair and make sure they have everything together. No having to rush to the school b/c someone " Isnt feeling good and needs to come home early", No having to rack my brain on if 2x2= x and all this time I thought it equaled 4 (lol). Now I can take a Family Trip w/o worrying about how many days they are missing of school. And the best part about it is Daddy will be home REAL SOON to help w/ the CHAOS! Come to think of it I kinda like the madness, b/c once they get older and doing their own thing Im going to truly miss it so I might as well ENJOY it NOW!! So Summer Vacation Here Come the SLAUGHTERs, Are you ready for us???

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Little Sewing.

So I decided that I wanted to try to learn to sew. I mean I have 5 kids and they ALL have very different personalities which means that things can get a little pricey because hand me downs for my girls sometimes becomes an issue. So I bought myself a sewing machine and said Im going to try my hand in a little sewing. I went to my local fabric store found some really cute fabric to make a dress for my oldest daughter and this is what I came up with.
I'm going to add some straps so she wont look so mature.

The back is off but you can't tell not unless I point it out.

So as you can tell she really loves it and cant wait for me to put the straps on so she can wear it.

For my 1st time sewing I think I did an OK job. I think Im ready for my next project. I mean Im not a professional but that doesnt mean that I cant become one,so Martha Stewart Watch Out Im coming for your JOB!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

MPS Challenge # 11

 So for the MPS NSD Challenge #11 you have to make a project using Pink,Green and Black in it! With this one I was really Happy because those colors are The BEST ( besides Blue lol) because they are AKA Sorority colors!! Im not an AKA but I have lots of friends that are and had I went to college I would have defintiely pledged AKA! Enjoy!

MPS Challenge #8

So it has taken me all day to get these posts up. The kids are finally sleep the house is finally clean and I have gotten a lil scrapping done PHEW!! This card is for the NSD challenge. Challenge #8 was to make a summer themed project. If you want to do the challenges its not to late go to and post your project you have until Monday Night to post. Enjoy!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day Challenge Card for MyPinkStamper

ITS NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY YAYYYY! Mypinkstamper is having a challenge today to make a different piece of art every hour so this is my first one I have been out w/ my church family this morning and just being able to hop in but now Im in my robe and slippers and just ready to Have Some Fun!!

This is my VERY FIRST TIME using Stamps so it is crooked but I thought it came out kinda nice (my mom will appreciate it lol). My mom lives in VA and I am in GA so I used the MyPinkStamper "Love-alicious" Stamp Set for the inside. I also used my Cricut Expression 2 cartridge American Alphabet for "MOM" and for the design I used the Straight From the Nest  cricut cartridge. On the next challenge I will remember to write the measurements down as I always forget to do this! Hope you all enjoy!