Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Little Sewing.

So I decided that I wanted to try to learn to sew. I mean I have 5 kids and they ALL have very different personalities which means that things can get a little pricey because hand me downs for my girls sometimes becomes an issue. So I bought myself a sewing machine and said Im going to try my hand in a little sewing. I went to my local fabric store found some really cute fabric to make a dress for my oldest daughter and this is what I came up with.
I'm going to add some straps so she wont look so mature.

The back is off but you can't tell not unless I point it out.

So as you can tell she really loves it and cant wait for me to put the straps on so she can wear it.

For my 1st time sewing I think I did an OK job. I think Im ready for my next project. I mean Im not a professional but that doesnt mean that I cant become one,so Martha Stewart Watch Out Im coming for your JOB!!


TyTynNiyasmom said...

Wow! You did a great job! I can't sew at all. I would like to learn though. It would really help out with my girls. Thanks so much for visiting my blog :)

K Andrew said...

You did a phenemonal job! I came by to say thanks for stopping over at my blog, and boy am I glad I did!
I'm your newest follower; and I have to say your family is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Big Cricky Hugs,
K Andrew

Letillia said...

Thank You Ladies!!

Pink Cricut said...

What an awesome dress--and you have such a beautiful family! :)