Thursday, March 24, 2011

Im Every Woman United for a Cure!


We threw this event back in October of last year to raise money for a lady that had Breast Cancer I am so Happy to Say that GOD has pronounced her Cancer Free Now!! And we Rejoice with her " Thank You Lord!!"

The Name of the Event was " Im Every Woman United For a Cure" It was a luncheon that helped raise awareness on Breast Cancer. We were very honored to have this event and it is something that we hope to do every year!

A couple of days before the luncheon we handed out flyers @ another event that was given by the community. This is me signing the Pink Heals Firetruck they are an Awesome Organization that also Supports Breast Cancer Awareness!

A few purses and ribbons that were handmade by Lakeitha Brown she is also with Green With Envy Event Planning, LLC. The purses were used as favor boxes that we placed on all the tables and we placed mints in them. The ribbons were pinned on a tree ( You can kind of see it in the next picture) and as our guests came in we pinned a ribbon on them to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness. If you like anything that you see and would like to purchase please let me know. We do alot of our own handmade invites, favors, banners,tutus,headbands,wreaths etc etc.

Checking in! This was a ticketed event. Proceeds went to our Breast Cancer Recipient. Thank You Richmond Hill City Center for allowing us to have our 1st Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon @ your BEAUTIFUL Facility!!

We also had lots of doorprizes and also a silent auction on some Beautifully made baskets that were donated from businesses in/around the Coastal Ga Community.

Just one of the baskets! It had a beautiful sateen sheet set, some chocolates, and a book in it!

Me in Eventer Mode and some people standing in line for a little lunch! Richmond Hill City Center in Richmond Hill,GA catered all the food and dessert.

Everyone enjoying themselves! Thank You To Everyone Who Helped this Event be such a Wonderful Success I truly Appreciate You All!!

An Old Halloween Party.

This was the backdrop for my son's Halloween party @ the time he was 10 we didnt have a B-day party for him so we decided to throw him a Halloween Party!
We Had So much fun doing the Wizard of OZ theme! Everyones Costume Except the Lion was purchased  @ Costume Express. We purchased The Lion costume @ Big Lots! I added alot of stuff to the Scarecrow Costume b/c it was sooo plain when we received it.

 All the characters were there               Dorothy and Toto
                                                           The Scarecrow
                                                           The Tin Man
                                                           The Cowardly Lion
                                                            The Wicked Witch
                                        Glinda the Good Witch (and company)

And Even the Mayor Of Munchkinland Showed up!!
Food was served from the Wicked Witch's table of contents!

And we all had a Blast @ Emerald City!!!

I didnt take any pictures of his invites but they were really simple we just printed an invite on orange cardstock pasted some clipart on it of halloween costumes and added the date,time,address like I said nothing Spectacular!
 We had alot of fun @ the party
I havent been doing this party planning thing long but since this party my ideas have only gotten bigger and more exciting and my prayer to GOD is that he will keep the creativity coming!!

Birthday in the making.

So Last year this time I was planning a Carnival for my soon to be 6yr old. And while in the mist of getting ideas while online I browsed by a "Poodles in Paris Party" So I told my 6yr old Teahnna this is what we are doing for your birthday next yr she just smiled and walked away! So I get all these great ideas and visions in my head on how it is going to look and a couple days after Thanksgiving Im having a conversation w/ hubby over the phone (he's stationed in Iraq) and Im telling him my plans and Teahnna says "Mom I don't want 2 have a Poodles in Paris Party...I don't even like Pink." My mouth drops to the floor "Are you Serious???" I say, " Yes Ma'am" she says. So I close my mouth and I say " Well what do you want 2 have?" After naming 6 or 7 different themes that I was definitely not going for ( HSM, Hannah Montana, Icarly etc.) all fun but not interesting enough for me,she finally says" I know,I know Princess and the Frog!" My eyes lit up like it was my birthday lol! This was Perfect her name is actually Teahnna (she had the name first Disney lol) it means princess in Spanish and this she truly is, and my girls and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie!  I took it and ran w/ it! We are now in the process of getting the party together we are winding down to the last week and I have pretty much everything Im going to need now I just need to put it together ( I don't know why I procrastinate but I do ).  Pics coming soon, party is on April 2nd! I should be further along with my planning being that this is what I do. But I have had what I like to call "Eventers Block" I can't come up w/ anything and I am stressing myself out! You know being that the movie came out like 2yrs ago and how popular it was one would think there would be more ideas for parties "Uhhhh Nope!!" So Im just coming up with it as I go! Once the party is over I will post pics from beginning to end so tell me what you guys think!!