Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Old Halloween Party.

This was the backdrop for my son's Halloween party @ the time he was 10 we didnt have a B-day party for him so we decided to throw him a Halloween Party!
We Had So much fun doing the Wizard of OZ theme! Everyones Costume Except the Lion was purchased  @ Costume Express. We purchased The Lion costume @ Big Lots! I added alot of stuff to the Scarecrow Costume b/c it was sooo plain when we received it.

 All the characters were there               Dorothy and Toto
                                                           The Scarecrow
                                                           The Tin Man
                                                           The Cowardly Lion
                                                            The Wicked Witch
                                        Glinda the Good Witch (and company)

And Even the Mayor Of Munchkinland Showed up!!
Food was served from the Wicked Witch's table of contents!

And we all had a Blast @ Emerald City!!!

I didnt take any pictures of his invites but they were really simple we just printed an invite on orange cardstock pasted some clipart on it of halloween costumes and added the date,time,address like I said nothing Spectacular!
 We had alot of fun @ the party
I havent been doing this party planning thing long but since this party my ideas have only gotten bigger and more exciting and my prayer to GOD is that he will keep the creativity coming!!

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Dr Sonia S V said...

Wow looks like you guys had a lot of fun!