About Me

Hello Diva's!!

My name is Letillia Slaughter ( Tia for short ). I am the Mother of 5 Kiddos (commonly referred to as "The Crew"). I am the Wife of a US Army Soldier and we have been Married for 11yrs (12 in Jan.). I am a follower of Christ and I love him with my Whole Heart and Soul, w/o him I am nothing, and I know I owe EVERYTHING to Him...Thank You Lord!

My Family is my World so I am a SAHM ( I like to refer to it as a "Domestic Diva")! I love the fact that they come home and mom is there to Welcome them w/ love and lots of hugs and kisses. Growing up my mom was a single parent so my sister and I were usually on our own because she had to work a number of jobs to keep a roof over our head. I told myself that I never want that for my own kids so I Thank GOD for making a way that my husband can be the bread winner and I can be the bread maker buyer.

I started crafting as early as I can remember my Grandma would keep my sister and sometimes while my mom was at work and she loved to sew. I used to watch her all the time, too bad I didn't learn anything but I did watch. Watching her did strike an interest w/ me because I then started cutting my old socks and I made dresses for my Barbies they were the most Divalicious Barbie dresses EVER! Even though I don't sew YET, I really want to learn because I really want to make clothes ( ESPECIALLY for my little ones and some for myself). Currently I am Mostly a Paper Crafter and I love making Cards and Up Cycled items. Every now and again I will do a Scrapbook page but let's just say that my son is 13 and he has about 7 "Complete" pages in his book lol. DONT JUDGE ME!

In the future my plans are to have more Inventory in my Etsy Store (lol) , Learn How to sew, Start my own clothing line,  and continue to LIVE and Enjoy Life (Family) and all of the Good Lord's Blessings!!