Friday, November 30, 2012

Gift Cards Gift Cards and More Gift Cards!!

Hellooo Diva's!!!

So I know it's been awhile since I've Posted, Ok 3mts and 12 Days to be exact BUT Whose Counting, LOL!! I have Really missed you guys and seeing All your Creative Goodness! But this Diva has been Busy Busy Busy embarkng on New Journeys and Exploring New Worlds. I will tell you all ALL About it Later.

N-e-who, How was Everyone's Thanksgiving? Did you Eat as Much as I did and then Regret it after you noticed that the WHOLE Cheesecake was Gone and the Pie pan with all the crumbs was in your hands (Or maybe that's just Me)???

Who went Black Friday Shopping this year? I went out for about 2hrs and Grabbed a Few things, My Top Scores were:

  • Deco Mesh, Ribbon and Christmas Tree Picks (From Michael's)

  • Chi Flat Iron (Target), OMG I LOVE THIS THING!!!

Yep that's All I got Lol!! Was it me or did it seem like there was Nothing really worth Buying this year?

With My Chi Flat Iron, I received a $20 Gift Card and that's when it Struck Me! That's what I'm doing this Year, GIFT CARDS GIFT CARDS and More Gift Cards! As the Crew Members are starting to get older it's kinda getting harder and harder to buy for them (esp Members 1 and 2).

With Gift Cards it saves me the time energy and Hair (From All the Stress of buying for these two) of going out and spending unnecessary money on things I know they either Don't Really want or Need. With Gift Cards I can Load em up with the money and Send them on their Merry little ways.  Happy Teens, Happy Pockets, Happy Wife, Happy Life, lol!!

I also find that not only for my teenagers but also for people like My Sister and Mother (who are Both Very Hard to Shop for as they Never know what they want, Must be who I get it from) that Gift Cards is the WAY TO GO!! To Be Honest I really think I would rather have Gift Cards myself this year because if I get another Bottle of Perfume from the Hubs........................I'm going to be very Grateful, lol!

Most Stores these Days have there Own Giftcards so it's just about knowing what the Person you are buying for is into. If you are going to be buying for me *Wink Wink* I will take gift cards from Michaels, Target, and Any Shoe/Clothing Place in the Mall. Oh Oh and a Spa/Manicure/Pedicure one also.

Some think that Gift Cards are very impersonal but me personally I Love the Thought of them b/c like I said Earlier Some People are Just hard to shop for and with a GC they can go to the store and get what it is they REALLY want. My way of making them a little more Personal is by Using my Gift Card Holder Die by Emma of My Creative Time and to Dress em up a bit!

Here are a few I have done in the Past using her die:

Ok so that's enough of that, I just wanted to share that quick little thought with you guys and to also let you Guys know that the Diva is BACK!!! I will be back Soon and share with you guys what I have been up to for the past couple of months!

Be Blessed Guys and Remember
~ Keep GOD 1st in EVERYTHING!~

Do you Guys Use Gift Cards? Where are your Favorite places you want to receive some from?

A Few Places to Find Some Great Gift Cards:

Gift Card Planet - You can get Special Gift Cards Made/Designed (Think Corporations, Personal)
Target - For All your Target Needs, lol
Walmart - Everyone Shops in Wally Worl, Right??
Joann's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby - For the Crafter in your Life
Gamestop - For the Gamer in your Life
Aeropostale, Old Navy, Hollister - For the Teen in your Life
TJ Maxx- For the Maxxinista in your Life, (eh em, ME!!!)

.......The List just goes On and On

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Sheri Crafts Challenge- #92

Hello Diva's! I am back again after another Long Hiatus ( I know, I know) I told you guys that my Summer has been Jammed Pack and we are still not done. Today we are going to Water Country USA which is a Waterpark. But this will be Our Last Family Outing (besides School Shopping) before the kiddos head back to School.

I am Excited about Back to School, We have exactly 17 Days, 407 hours, 29mins and 37secs (but hey whose counting,lol)!! No but seriously with them being gone it will allow me and Crew Member 5 to get back on a Schedule and spend more time in my Craft Room!

This year the Crew Members are all (well almost all) headed into New Milestones, Crew Member 1 is headed to High School, I can't believe it :( where has the time gone?? Crew Member 2 is headed to Middle School ( she is totally dreading it but we have tried to encourage her and let her know it's not as bad as TV portrays it). Crew Member 3 is headed to 3rd Grade ( she had a Growth Spurt over the Summer so she needs All New Clothes and Shoes and if you think I'm a Diva you should see this one, lol) and Crew Member 4 is headed to Pre-K (totally sad about this I just was not prepared, I'm probably gonna cry more than she is lol). Crew Member 5 is still here with Mommy but I plan to keep her busy with Playgroups (for you all w/ little ones 5-below you should really think about finding a local Mop's Playgroup in your Area, we Love Ours and look forward to going back this year) and @ home learning w/ Mommy!

With all the School talk you all should have some clue of what this bi-weekly challenge over @ MySheriCrafts is all about, come on let's all say it together BACK TO SCHOOL, yayyyy (hahaha)!

Yep that's right We are Celebrating Back to School and we want YOU (sounds like an Uncle Sam Ad or Something huh) to Create a project related to a School Theme!

For my project I made an Altered Journal for Crew Member 4s' Teacher (tell me what you think):

Cuttlebug Folder: Spots and Dots
Nestabilities: Standard Circles
Sentiment: MCT( My Teacher Rocks)
Ink: Stampin Up (Red)
Paper: Bought it @ Joann's
Stickers: From My Stash
Buttons: From My Stash

 We don't know who her Teacher is yet so I wanted to keep it kinda Neutral just in case we get a Male. I really like it and I hope he/she does also!

Ok so now that you all have seen my project go over to MySheriCrafts and take a look @ the other DT projects (these ladies have come up with some really Creative things to get you Inspired)! Then get off to your Craft Room and Create your own Project and come join us.

Ok well I think I have talked and talked enough but before I go let me ask you a Question:
~ When/Has your Child(ren)/Grandchild(ren) go Back to School?~

Thanks Guys for sticking around and I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Now I'm off to the WaterPark for lots of Fun!

Be Blessed Guys and Remember
~Keep GOD 1st in EVERYTHING!~

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Sheri Crafts- # 90 National Ice Cream Month

Helloooo Diva's, So I guess you all have been wondering where I have been huh?? My last blog post was almost a Month ago OMG I can't believe it myself.

I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY with the Kids just Enjoying our Summer! We just got home about 2 weeks ago from our Family Vacation to DisneyWorld ( yayyyyyy), during that trip we also stopped in GA to see friends and "Family". We also stopped @ my Mom's in another part of VA before heading back home to Celebrate my Granmothers 79th Birthday.

We are about to Hit up a couple of Theme/Water Parks Next month and also go to Washington DC to the Zoo and the Smithsonians (the crew members have never been).

So like I said Busy Busy Busy, but I had to drop in and see how you all were doing as I Totally Missed you guys. I also dropped in to let you all know that it is time for another Challenge over @ My Sheri Crafts!

Being that this is National Ice Cream Month ( it totally makes sense lol), Our challenge is ALL about ICE CREAM (mmmmm). The DT has Created some Delicious Projects for you all's viewing pleasures so make sure you drop in and say hello to them @ MySheriCrafts.

I decided to do a card, one would think that coming up with an Ice Cream Project would have been easy, but for me I think I was totally having "Creator's Block" so I had to Google some Inspiration. I found this Really Cute card over @ Hoo's Crafty. I ABSOLUTELY Loved the Colors and Papers she chose so much so that I used the Same ones but I did change it up so that it would be more mine.

Cart: Sweet Treats
Sentiment: My Craft Spot
Paper- Solid ( Recollections) Print ( ColorBok)
Ribbon: Offray

Ok so Now that you have seen my Project go ahead grab you a spoon and some ice cream and Come on and join us for this bi-weekly Challenge @ My Sheri Crafts. 

I will Blog w/ you all soon and Remember,

~Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Sheri Crafts Challenge #88- Oh I Love America!

Hey Diva's!! It's been awhile since I have stopped in to say hello huh? My apologies guys, it's seems as if since the kids got out of school I have been NON-Stop around here. I have been in my craft room but just haven't been able to share it w/ you guys. Hopefully things will slow down in the next few weeks because I miss you guys :)

Ok, so I dropped in to tell you all about the beginning of a New Challenge over @ My Sheri Crafts! This bi-week we are Celebrating America with our Red White and Blue Projects!! I am Super Excited as I love this time of the Year, with all the Fireworks, Cookouts, and Concerts and just Fun.

Crew Member 4 will be turning 4 on July 3rd and we will be celebrating in DisneyWorld this year yayyyyy!! So we get to see Fireworks Disney Style and I am Super Duper Excited!! Ok so I went off the Subject again lol back to the reason why we are here. Our Fabulous Team has come up with some Gorgeous Cards/Projects for you guys to get some Inspiration from so I ask that you all will go check them out and leave some bloggy Love over @ My Sheri Crafts!

For my project I decided to do a card:

When I was making this I wanted to do something other than a Flag, and being that I am a Military Wife the first thing that popped into my head was how often the hubster deploys to other countries to keep the Peace. That  immediately made me think of a Peace Sign because if we could all just live in Peace and Harmony then all this senseless fighting could end and all our Military Soldiers could come Home to their Families.

But before I start to tear up, let me once again invite you all out to come join us @ My Sheri Crafts for the "Oh I Love America" bi-weekly Challenge! Your project can be anything just as long as you include the colors Red White and Blue!

Ok so I'm outta here, you guys be good and Remember,
~Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PCW- June Bride Challenge

Hey there Diva's! Welcome Back to another edition of Diva of 5 (lol doesn't that sound like a TV Show or something)! I am your Host Letillia and Today we are going to be showcasing the June Bride Challenge over at PCW

As we know June is a Very Busy Month when it comes to Weddings! I don't know about you guys but I LOVEEEE Weddings! I love the atmosphere of all the Love in the Air, I Love to see the Bride when she comes down the aisle with that beautiful dress and smile and especially when you can tell that she is just Deeply in Love with her groom and vice versa, I love the color schemes/themes that people come up with. I Love the Food (lol), I Love the Dancing, I just plain ol' LOVE WEDDINGS!!

Ok Enough of the Daydreaming let me get back to the reason why we are here, by now you all should have guessed what this challenge is All About...yep that's right Weddings! For this challenge we are asked to Make a Wedding/Anniversary Theme Card/ Project and include Dry Embossing! For my Project I made a Card:
Cuddlebug Folder: Love is in the Air
Sentiment: Blessings File by Melinda Beltran of PCW
Ribbon: Stash
Bling/Pearls: Recollections
Paper: Recollections

I have seen this style card with the hearts quite a few times and I always said I was going to give it a try when the time was right. I found plenty of videos on what...yep you guessed it YOUTUBE lol. But the one I liked the most was by Kristin of Lilsweetpeavideos of youtube, she also has a blog called go check her out guys you are going to LOVE her stuff!!

Ok so now that I have shared my card with you, come on and join us for this challenge! Also make sure to stop by PCW and show the Ladies some Love and also stop by Melin's Store  PapercraftingWorld  to see those AWESOME files that she has. There are lots of Cute ones that you could use for this Challenge! Thank You for tuning in and I will See you guys here next time on Divaof5!

Be Blessed and Remember,
~Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~

I will be playing along with these Challenges:

Peachy Keen Stamps: Just a Card
Docerela Creations: Scrap What You Love

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Sheri Crafts #86- Summer Lovin'

Hey Diva's!! It is a BEAUTIFUL Saturday around here and I am LOVING this Sun, It is truly taking me back to GA and you guys know how much I miss Ol'  GA!!

I am here to let you all know that TODAY marks the beginning of a New Challenge over @ My Sheri Crafts (*insert Jumping Up and Down Here*), and for this Bi-Weekly Challenge we are showin our Summer Love with Cards/projects!

This week we are joined by the Talented Barb O. of Bug Bites I kindly ask that you all stop by her Blog and go check out her Creations and leave her some Bloggy Love. Thank You Barb for joining us we Truly Apprecitate it!

Ok now For my Challenge Project I decided to make a Card:

Inside Sentiment Reads: "Enjoy the Summer"

Cartridge: Create a Critter
Paper: From My Stash
Ink: Memento ( Tuxedo Black)
Distress Ink: Tim Holtz

Let me tell you that this card has truly put me in the mood for the Summer! I am not a Huge Fan of the Beach ( I don't like the Mess that comes along with it, plus I don't like how the water/sand feel on my feet ewwww so I keep sandals on the whole time, lol Issues I know) but the Crew Members LOVE it so I don't force my opinions on them so I have to suck it up and Have a Great Day with them!!

But that I have shared my Card with you I ask that you all will Stop By My Sheri Crafts  and go check out the rest of the DT's Projects ( So steenkn Cute btw) and then come join us with YOUR take on this Summer Lovin Challenge!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with I know it's gonna be Rocking!! Ok well after all the Summer and Beach talk the Crew has come in here asking can we go to the Beach and just because I want to go out and Enjoy this Sun I think I'm gonna go ahead and give in lol ( hey you never know what the weather is gonna be like here so you better take advantage of it when you got it)!!

Be Blessed Guys and Remember,
~Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~

Monday, May 21, 2012

CWC-PCW Blogaversary Week Day 1

Hey Diva's!
Welcome to Paper Crafting World and Cooking With Cricut's 2nd Blog-Aversary and our week long celebration! Each day for a whole week (May 19-26) we will be brining you fabulous projects... made by our Design Team members. We have some GREAT blog candy as well as some daily file and graphic give-aways -- so you will definitely want to make PCW-CWC your daily stop every day this week!

Our theme for today is . . . "All Things Girly" for this we can use bling, frills, lace, pink anything just as long as it's FEMININE!!

For my Project I made a Card for my Sister to give to her Best Friend:

Digi: PCW- Bear Princess Standing
Sentiment: My Pink Stamper
Markers: Bic
Bling: Irock
Paper: All ( Recollections)

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you head on over to Cooking With Cricut to check out the rest of the projects by our amazing Design Teams!

Be Blessed and Remember,
~Keep GOD 1st in EVERYTHING!~

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Sheri Crafts- #85

Hey Diva's! I hope you all are having a Great Saturday thus far, I know I am! I am spending time with my Mommy for this Mothers Day weekend and I am really enjoying the Family time!

Today marks the Beginning of a New challenge over @ My Sheri Crafts yayyyy!! This bi-weekly Challenge is All About Weddings! This week we are joined by the Fabulous and Talented Paula Bee of Craft with Bee, You guys Must stop over to her Blog and give her some Bloggy Love!

For my Project I Imade a Card:

Sentiment: Pink By Design
Cuttlebug Folders: Swiss Dots (Black) & Love is in the Air (Blue)
Paper: Recollections (Solid)  
Pearls: Recollections
Ribbon: From My Stash

I am totally In Love with this card! What do you all think?

Ok so now that you all have checked my project out Make sure to stop in over @ My Sheri Crafts and say hello to all my DT Sisters then come join us in the challenge as we would love to have you!

Well I'm outtie family is waiting for me so we can go out!

I will be joining this challenge:
Freshly Made Sketches: Sketch Challenge

Be Blessed Guys and Remember,
~ Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~

Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week-Day 5

Hey Diva's! I am jumping on here really quick to share the last Teacher Appreciation Gift of the Week!

Both of the girls Teachers sent home notes Expressing their Thanks and how Spoiled they felt with their little surprises this week. My girls came home really happy and they both said that I was the "Best Mom Ever" lol!!

For todays Gift I made Bracelets:

Sentiment: My Creative Time (My Teacher Rocks)
Paper: Recollections
Beads: From my Stash
Bling: I Rock
White Gelly Roll Pen

I needed a little extra ummph so I decided to decorate the little baggie that I put them in to give some POP!!  This has been a Really Fun Week for me as it has been for my girls! Like I have stated 100 times I love my Girls Teachers and I Really Appreciate all they Do with helping prepare the Children of our FUTURE!!

Thanks Guys for joining in with me this week, I hope I Inspired you all in some way with a project! Below is a quick picture of all of this week's Projects, Which is your Favorite?

Be Blessed and Remember,
~ Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~ 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 4

Hello Diva's! I hope today has found you all doing Well! For me I am Excellent but in need of some Energy! I am trying to stop drinking so much Coffee but I really need a Cup right now because I have a TON of things that need to be done!

But enough Small talk and on to what I dropped in for, to tell you all about Todays' Project!!

For Today I made:

Cart: Create a Critter
Sentiment: My Creative Time (My Teacher Rocks Stamp Set)
Nestabilities Die: Circles
Button: My Stash
Sanitizer; Dollar Tree
Paper: Recollections

The girls really liked this Sanitizer. Crew Member 2 said that she was going to get her hands dirty just so she could use the sanitizer, lol! My favorite part of this was How Fast it was to make and it was Cost efficient. I bought the Sanitizer for a buck @ the Dollar Tree and I just used the paper and other Supplies I had @ home. Easy Peasy!

So what do you guys think? Would/Have you made one of these??

 Well Im outtie, Blog with you all on tomorrow Be Blessed and Remember,
~Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 3

Hello Diva's!! I am feeling Much Better today (hence the Early post lol)! I'm glad to because being sick Really does Suck!! But Anyway, The girls came home with Rave Reviews from their Teachers about their Gifts and that makes me feel GREAT! I'm glad they have enjoyed them thus far, hopefully they will be as Pleased as I am with Today's gift.

Todays Projects are Altered Cans:

      I started with this
and ended up with this

 Closer View of Sentiment and Faces

Carts Used: Create a Critter, Locker Talk, and American Alphabet
Sentiment: My Creative Time ( My Teacher Rocks)
Faces: Peachy Keen Stamps ( Everyday Face Asst.)
Nestabilities: Oval Die  
Ink: Memento (Tuxedo Black)
Ribbon: American Crafts
Paper: Recollections

Omgoodness let me tell you that I just LOVE how this came out! I am going to make this for Every person I know who has a Desk lol!!

I decided to make all the little apple faces different because I'm pretty sure that they have to deal with all the different little faces @ some point and time if not everyday lol. So I thought it would make it a little more fun. What do you guys think? I hope their Teachers Enjoy it as Much as I do!

Well that's it for today! I have to get all these germs out of my house so it's Laundry, Lysol, Bleach and Fresh air for me! See ya tomorrow!!

I will be Joining these Challenges:
Peachy Keen Stamps: 3D Objects Souper Fun- Create a 3D Project using a Soup Can

Thanks for Stopping By Guys have a Great Day and Remember,
~Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 1

Hey Diva's! So I meant to have this post up this morning but Last night the Crew and I (hubster included) all got Food Poison eeckk! We had Fish,Rice,and Corn on the Cob we Eat rice all the time and I don't eat Corn on the cob so we are thinking it was the fish. Needless to say we all went to the ER this morning and the Doctor confirmed it for us so we have been bed ridin all day. I needed to get this post up though, so while Im feeling a little better I decided to jump on while I had the energy.

So for us this week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted to do something Special for my Girls Teachers. As you all know I have talked about their teachers ALOT because I think they are the Bestest (yes I know that's not correct) Ever! So I made a project for Everyday just to tell them Thank You for all they Do.

Each day Mon-Fri this week I will have a post showcasing each project. For todays project (which they didn't get to take since they were home sick) I made:

Easel Cards:

Cart Used: Create a Critter
Cuttlebug Folder: Spots and Dots
Sentiment: My Creative Time ( My Teacher Rocks)
Peachy Keen Stamps (Critter Faces, Med and Lrg Set)
Ink: Memento (Tuxedo Black)  

I think the cards came out Really Adorable and I just can't wait to give it to them. Ok so my soup has arrived, so I'm gonna go eat as much as I can.

Hope you all will stop in the Rest of the week to check all the rest of the Projects!

Be Blessed Guys, and Remember
~Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~ 

Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 2

Hey Diva's! Just wanted to pop in and share with you Day 2 of my Week Long Teacher Appreciation Projects.

Today the Girls took the Post it Note Holders I made a few weeks ago. My girls were really excited about their gifts Crew Member #2 didn't even want to put it in her backpack because she thought she was gonna break it lol.

For Details Go Here.

Ok so I'm still not 100% so I'm gonna head to bed! Be Good Guys and I will be back tomorrow with another Project!!

~Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~ 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PCW- Mothers Day Challenge!

Hey Diva's! It's been a couple of days since I have stopped in to check up on you guys! I have had a busy couple of days, only to get busier for the rest of the week.

I wanted to drop in and let you all know that today marks the beginning of a new challenge over @ PCW (Paper Craft World) and this week we are celebrating our Mothers!! I decided to go ahead and start making a couple of cards for the special women in my life ( I already shared my Mom's card with you guys in an earlier post) but todays card is for my Grandmother! I am truly blessed to have her stil in my Life and I wanted to make her a really cute card to show her that I love her and I was thinking abouit her for Mothers Day!

Digi: PCW- Bluebird and Flower File
Coloring Pens: Bic
Outside Sentiment: MPS- Tweety Hoo Puns  
Inside Sentiment: MCT- Gift Card Sentiments
Pop Dots: Recollections
Button: My Stash
Twine: My Stash
Ink: Sentiments (Memento- Tuxedo Black), Edges ( Tim Holtz Distress Ink)  
Bling: I-Rock
Punch: Recollections
Paper: Solid ( Recollections), Print ( K & Company)

I am So Proud of this little card, I think it came out so Cute! I just know my Grandmother is gonna Love it! I seen a tutorial on Youtube by Mary of CardzTv ( LOVE HER!!) and that is where I got the idea of the design of the card!

Ok so that's it for me, Come join us Ladies over @ PCW for the Mothers Day Challenge, We are having Fun and we would Love for you to come and Party with us!

I will be joining these Challenges:
My Craft Spot: #54- Mothers Day

Be Blessed Guys and Remember,
~ Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Sheri Crafts- Challenge #84

Hey Diva's!!! Today is a Wonderful Saturday here @ the Slaughter House and we are preparing for a Day out with the Family! Before I head out I want to let you all know about the beginning of another Awesome Bi-weekly Challenge over @ My Sheri Crafts!!

This week we are Celebrating Our Awesome Mothers with the Challenge "April Showers Bring May Flowers to Mom!" This Bi-week we are joined by the Awesomely talented Liz of Craftyliz's Creations make sure you all stop by her blog and show her some Crafty Love!

I am truly Blessed to have my Mom still in my life and I Thank GOD for that! This year I wanted to do things differently and give her gifts that are all Handmade. So to start off the collection I made her a card. Over the course of the next few days I will share with you Everything I make for her. It's a Great thing that she isn't Computer Savvy (lol) because then I wouldn't be able to show you all until after.

But anyway before I keep babbling; for my proect I made a Flower Pot Card:

I know these have been around for a long time but this is my first one and I am Very Proud of it! For those of you who haven't made one you can find TONS of How-to-Videos on Youtube ( you all know that's my favorite place lol).

Ok now that you have seen my project please stop by My Sheri Crafts to see all the Fabulous DT Projects, and then stop Everything your doing and come join in on the fun ;)! Now I'm off to spend time with the Family, Love you guys and I'll Blog with you soon!

Be Blessed, and Remember,
~Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~