Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday in the making.

So Last year this time I was planning a Carnival for my soon to be 6yr old. And while in the mist of getting ideas while online I browsed by a "Poodles in Paris Party" So I told my 6yr old Teahnna this is what we are doing for your birthday next yr she just smiled and walked away! So I get all these great ideas and visions in my head on how it is going to look and a couple days after Thanksgiving Im having a conversation w/ hubby over the phone (he's stationed in Iraq) and Im telling him my plans and Teahnna says "Mom I don't want 2 have a Poodles in Paris Party...I don't even like Pink." My mouth drops to the floor "Are you Serious???" I say, " Yes Ma'am" she says. So I close my mouth and I say " Well what do you want 2 have?" After naming 6 or 7 different themes that I was definitely not going for ( HSM, Hannah Montana, Icarly etc.) all fun but not interesting enough for me,she finally says" I know,I know Princess and the Frog!" My eyes lit up like it was my birthday lol! This was Perfect her name is actually Teahnna (she had the name first Disney lol) it means princess in Spanish and this she truly is, and my girls and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie!  I took it and ran w/ it! We are now in the process of getting the party together we are winding down to the last week and I have pretty much everything Im going to need now I just need to put it together ( I don't know why I procrastinate but I do ).  Pics coming soon, party is on April 2nd! I should be further along with my planning being that this is what I do. But I have had what I like to call "Eventers Block" I can't come up w/ anything and I am stressing myself out! You know being that the movie came out like 2yrs ago and how popular it was one would think there would be more ideas for parties "Uhhhh Nope!!" So Im just coming up with it as I go! Once the party is over I will post pics from beginning to end so tell me what you guys think!!

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