Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Me Time!!

I was sitting here watching an old episode of The Simpsons ( Love that show) it was the one where Marge had gotten so stressed out with eveything that Motherhood brings she was driving and she just slammed on breaks and put the car in park right in the middle of the bridge! The episode went on and she finally told Homer that she needed a BREAK....She got her Alone time and in the meantime, the kids didn't know how to act, Homer was lost without her, and even baby Maggie ran away (crawled I should say) because she missed her mother. As I'm watching I'm thinking to myself the whole time My I know EXACTLY where she is coming from as mothers we wash the clothes, clean the house, make sure the kids do their homework, cook dinner, make sure all the husbands needs are filled, and GOD help us to those like me who want a career and a life outside of HOME. Im not saying all this as a complaint isnt a girl allowed to vent every now and then? Sometimes I wonder do my kids really appreciate me? Does my husband ( even though he tells me all the time) really understand what I do on a daily and if he does would he really switch if the roles could be reversed ( I THINK NOT!!). Ladies ( and some gents) I think we deserve some Me time some just ME MYSELF AND I time, some I Wanna Just Get Away From It All For A Little While Time! I know some may be thinking " I dont have the money to Get Away", Honey let me tell you all you have to do is go to your bathroom light some candles dim the lights run you a nice hot bath close the door and get in! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!! It's time that we start taking care of our needs so that we can take care of our families needs the right way! I don't think it is GOD's will for us to be here stressed out and unhappy! So Honey Go on that Cruise you been thinking about, Treat yourself to the SPA, Go get your nails and hair done, Close the door and take you a nice Hot Bath, or just lock urself in your room and read a book! Whatever makes you happy dear DO IT You deserve IT!!


Teresa said...

Amen to that. We so need our time to undwind and refresh so that we can be our best for those that are important to us. I try to take a quarterly get away just for me. But sometimes we do have to just work with what we have.

Letillia said...

I just had a small get away in Feb. and even though I thought about my little ones the whole time I still got away and thats what it is all about!