Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recycled Project!

Hey Diva's! I have been Super Duper busy around here I haven't had anytime to get any crafting done, the hubby had to leave for training in TX so I'm Mom and Dad right now. But that's neither here nor there ( lol I always wanted to say that) I first need to Announce the Winner of the K Andrew Stamps *Drumroll Please* lindaplus3 she said "Hello. I am a new scrapper, hopper and follower... looking forward to all the great ideas... " Congratulations Linda send me your snail mail to letilliaslaughter at yahoo dot com so we can get that stamp set out to you *You will have until Tues Nov. 1 to claim your prize!!* . 2nd, I need to tell EVERYONE Thank You for all the Love during the Blog Hop I had so much fun and found so many new friends, to All the New Diva's, WELCOME and Thank You for being a Fabulous Follower!! 3rd, Thank You to all that left me some tips on how to clean my Cricut I ended up using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ( Thanks Jo) and it cleaned it really good except for right up under the button ( how she managed to get in there is Beyond me) but for the most part it's squeaky clean again!

Now onto the project, So I tried to challenge myself to do a recycled project, my Bestie Lakeitha over @ L. Michelle's Creations10 ( GO check her out guys she has an Awesome Blog) is always Recycling things so I guess you can say she inspired me lol!
I started w/ this container 
And with the help of some Scrap paper, Glue and a little Bling, I now have a cute little home for my Memento Markers!

That's It, How simple huh! I will say if you are going to do this take the label off the can first, I learned the hard way because shortly after I glued the paper on, my paper kept popping off. But as soon as I took the label off I had no more problems! Well that's it guys, Thank You for stopping by I love you guys your the Best!

~ Keep GOD 1st in EVERYTHING!~


Baby Shopaholic said...

What a great project so cute! By the time I mess up stuff I would be able to just buy one : ) I will keep you posted when I find out about the conf for next year.

Susan said...

You did a great job on this! I love making these type of projects. Isn't it amazing how you can transform something blah into something wow!


Nitasha said...

SuperCute! I love your project! I love recycling the Stax chips containers! As a matter of fact, I have a few on my desk waiting to be turned into Halloween treat holders! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

girlia said...

It turned out great!

jo ( said...

Yay for upcycling! I've never been good at seeing an object "outside of the box" but you totally rocked this container! Very cool!