Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Days of Christmas : Day 4

Hey Diva's! Happy Sunday, today I'm going to be really quick! Today's project was inspired from something I saw on Pinterest ( that site is sooo addicting it's ridiculous lol) I can't remember which site it came from but if you all know please tell me so I can credit them!

Like most of you know we just moved to VA from GA. We had to leave our Home behind that we just bought 2 1/2yrs ago to move into a townhome w/ no backyard, neighbors who like to let their dogs poop in your yard (I'll have to tell you all that story @ another time) and ugly cabinets and coutertops lol! I totally HATE strongly dislike this kitchen in this house (I know that sounds a little harsh I'm sorry guys). So I needed something to make this Kitchen look a little more Chrismassy because it was just DrabVIlle USA. As I was thinking what to do the pin came back to my memory that I saw on pinterest where the person took some ribbon and hung it on the cabinets so that they could display their Christmas Cards by paper clipping the cards to the ribbons. The light bulb clicked on (*DING*) I had all this pink ribbon in the craft room that was just sitting there that I could use for these cabinets and it just so happened that it was the exact pink that I needed for my decor this year ( GOD is so GOOD). I found the bows @ the Dollar Tree they were 2 for a dollar and they were Silver PERFECT!!  Just that quick I am now loving my Kitchen! Let me know what you guys think!!

The Pictures just aren't doing it any justice ( I am a card maker not a photographer lol) but I'm telling you it is GORGE!! 
But anyway,that's it for today ! Let me know what you guys think! Have a Great Rest of your Weekend!

~Keep GOD 1st in Everything!~


girlia said...

very nice

Mickey's Craft World said...

Hello Ms. Diva!!!

I am fairly new to your blog but I just love you.

The cabinets look great..and do not worry soon your kitchen will look great because GOD IS GOOD!!!


lovemypaper said...

Super cute idea you done a wonderful job!