Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blessing Card

Hey Guys Iiii'mmmm Baaackkk :) did you miss me lol? We are now starting to settle down in the new house and new state, I'm telling you moving from one state to another is a BUGGER! But I am very Thankful to GOD that we made it safely and everything found its way here in-tact (except for my vase that my husband promises he is going to replace since it was his fault that it broke lol)! So I made a deal w/ my oldest daughter (which from now on the children will be referred to as Crew Members and there birth order number,b/c when we are ready to go I always say "Ok Crew Round em Up lol) ie: Oldest daughter is Crew Member 2. Anyway she and I made a deal that if she gave up her room then she could get a Kindle for her birthday (did I just bribe my child?) I know what your thinking how can she do such a thing but seriously she had her own room @ our old house and she never stayed in it, she was always in the little girls room ( I would even find her in their room @ night sleep), so needless to say she said ok and I got a Craft Room/ Office YIPPEEE (doing my happy dance)!

Anyway let me get to the card b/c I know I'm just rambling on and on! My friend in GA helped me TREMENDOUSLY while we were moving and I wanted to send a card to let her know how much of a Blessing she is to me. I am Super Excited about this card because it is my first easel card  I had been seeing em around alot lately and I wanted to give it a try so you guys already know the drill let me know what you think and Be Blessed Guys!!

                            Card: 6in x 12in (score @ 6in and 9in)
            Scallops: 2 1/2  and 3 I used Essentials on my Expression 2
                           Leaves: 3 1/4 I used the Happily Ever After Cart
            Pumpkin: 3 1/4 I used Happily Ever After cart
                           Cuttlebug Embossing Folder: Asian
             Sentiment: K Andrew Amazing You
 Paper Used: American Crafts Foil (Orange and Gold), Color Bok (Brown and Green), Martha Stewart Essentials.

~Keep GOD 1st in Everything~


TyTynNiyasmom said...

This is a beautiful easel card! You did a great job.


Dr Sonia S V said...

So elegant you have made this and the colors are so right for the festive spirit!

jo ( said...

Good luck to you, moving sucks! Great cards! They look so elegant! Fab work, girl! :)

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful card.
I am your newest follower... Would love for you to come visit.

JustYolie said...

Beautiful card!