Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hey Diva's! So I am super terrible when it comes to putting up Blog Awards when they are given to me and since I don't have a crafty post today I thought I needed to say Thank You before I forgot again! So I received the Butterfly Award from Sonia who is one of my Awesome Bloggy World friends who always has the kindest comments, she is so Super talented and you guys should check her blog out. This award was also given to me by Nita who is also a bloggy world friend and she makes some Beautiful cards so go check her out! Thank You to you Both I Truly Appreciate it! With this Award I'm supposed to answer some questions and give it to 10 Bloggers so here we go:
Name your favorite color? ~Blue (All shades)
Name your favorite song? ~To Many b/c i love music and I love to sing, but right now it's 1+1 by Beyonce.
Name your favorite dessert? ~Strawberry Cheesecake

What worries you off at the moment?~ That I won't get this house completely unpacked by the end of the week.
Your favorite pet?~ My Yorkie Tator Tot
Black or White?~ Black
Your biggest fear? ~That I won't do all that is expected of me by GOD

Best feature? ~Eyes and Smile
Everyday attitude?~ It is what it is
What is perfection? ~Doing the best that YOU can do!
Guilty pleasure? ~Crafting supplies (tee  hee)
When you're upset you?~ Put myself on punishment lol

I will be giving this award to:

Stop by these ladies pages as they are ALL very talented and very Inspiring!!

~ Keep GOD 1st In Everything~


Lisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your awards, Letillia and THANK YOU so much for thinking of me!! I will definitely add this to my blog with pride! I love your Yorkie's name...Tator Tot is so adorable!! And I share your guilty pleasure! Actually, it is more like my obsession...I can't seem to stop buying paper, even though I have tons of it already! Thank you again and have a great evening :D


Dr Sonia S V said...

Letillia so kind of you to put it up so fast-- I take ages to post mine

Have a nice day

MyCuriousCrafts said...

Congrats Letillia! You are so FABULOUS! Crafty hugs, ~Shen

P.S. Thanks so much for thing of are too kind.

Respect My Kraft - Kris and Kristen said...

Wow, congrats Letillia and thank youu!
I am going to add this to my blog as well =]

Keep Krafting!

Glora said...

Congratulations on this award and thanks so much for sharing it with me. I am so behind on blog awards, but please know that I really appreciate it! Hugs- Glora