Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Ladybugs.

This is my Daughter Tae'lors 2yr Birthday Party she had last year! I was stuck on Ladybugs (even though they make my flesh CRAWL) but the theme is just so Darn Cute, so thats what we went for.

Im not really a picture taker when I get into "Party Mode" I have a tendency to 4get all about the camera so thats why there arent many pics!

  This is the lil Ladybug Herself Miss Tae'lor, her tutu was made by LadySew Wise (Thanx Lasandra she still wears it to this day)

                    This is Little Miss Taryn she wanted 2 celebrate w/ her Big Sis!

Ladybug projects (banks and bracelets). I ordered both from The headbands were made by yours truly!

Some of the banks after! The kids were a bunch of little Picasso's they had fun w/ these banks. After they were done my husband sprayed some gloss on them to make em' shine it worked out GREAT!!

This was a little game we played called Ladybug in my Garden. There was a hidden ladybug on the back of 1 of the flowers, I gave all the kids a ladybug sticker to stick on a flower and whoever found the ladybug was the winner.

A Few decorations. For the bags and cups I bought some Red stickers and stuck em all over each one!

This party was fun to do the sad part is Daddy left the next day (July 4th) headed to Iraq! But the good news is he will be back in time this year for yet another GREAT EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

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