Friday, April 1, 2011

Military Woes!

I know its been a couple of days since I wrote but Im back! I have been running around like a chicken w/ its head cut off getting ready for this party on Saturday, Like I stated before I had "Eventers Block" and I think Im still having it a little! But I really think my real problem is, is that I am missing my husband like CRAZY right now!! I thought I would be able to get through this deployment ( being that it is my 4th one ) w/ no problem. That it would go by so quickly I wouldnt have gave it 2 thoughts that he was deployed. But boy was I WRONG!! It seems like the days are just dragging on and on and on. I try and keep myself busy but its just not working this time. I believe in my heart this is the reason why Im having "Eventers Block", because my best friend isnt here to enjoy it w/ me! Because he isnt here to support me,because he isnt here to move this here and put that there (I can be a little bossy sometimes...teeheee) but I know he is over there fighting for his country and most importantly his FAMILY!! I just wish he would hurry home to us because we (ESP ME) Miss Him So Much!! Love You Babe You are OUR HERO!!

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Anonymous said...

Ok... finally. I know exactly where you are. He could'nt get home quick enough. It especially hit when time got short. Im praying with you and for you. Before you know it you will b planning his arrival party. Not that you arent already (at least the couples party anyway..HA!)Im enjoying your site. I am going to get "seriously" started with mine...thanks for the encouragement. LSW