Thursday, June 23, 2011

Link Up Love Party with K Andrew

I am joining the Link Up Love Party on GettingCricky with K Andrew you should do the same! The link up love party is a way to get to know each other and find new blog inspiration, you can join us by going to her blog , I believe this is going to be Lots of Fun and there will be So much LOVE spread around can't get any better than that.

We are asked to post our favorite thing that we've done with one thing that we are grateful for! I decided to add this pic of my Husband and youngest daughter who is in her matching outfit that I made for her just for Daddies Return from Iraq! I am Grateful to have my husband back from Iraq, Safe, Healthy and Happy to be back w/ his family after being away for a Long "Almost Year"
Come and have fun with us on the Link Up Love Party because All the World needs now is Love Sweet Love lol I can't wait to meet so many new friends Hope to see you there.


Jessica said...

Letillia, you have an amazing family! I love big families and wow, fashionista'! Darling outfit for your hubby's return. I bet that made him happy. I just love all the gorgeous "threads' you are all wearing in the family photo, too. Did you design any of those?? Just curious.
Happy to be a new follower from the LULP!

Josie0602 said...

Your photos are amazing! I love the outfit you made for your cute! Thank you to your husband for his service to our country. It is such a big sacrifice to leave his family and go risk his life for us all. Please tell him that my family appreciates him! Visiting your blog from LULP!

Letillia said...

Jessica Thank You So much! I didn't make anything in the picture but I did pick it all out if that counts for anything lol!

Kelly S said...

Your daughter's dress is darling. Fabulous job! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am here returning the love from the LULP.


TropicKrafts said...

I love your daughters dress it is too cute!! And that hair bow is cute as well!! I love the family pic in all white as well!! You have a very beautiful family!! God bless you and your family!!

Naomi said...

Your family looks amazing in the front entrance all dressed in white!!!! Wow you are one talented woman! I sew just about anything and reupholster but to make a dress, no way... just cannot get the neckline or collar..You did such a beautiful job on your daughters!! It makes me wonder if you made the outfits in the picture where you are all in white. You must be so busy!!!! I have 2 boys and I never stop, I just can't imagine 5.. I am happy for you to have your husband back safe and sound... I am your newest follower.. God Bless you girl!
Drop over sometime and visit me!! I would love to see you there!

Lisa said...

My gosh, what a gorgeous family you have, Letillia! And I absolutely love your daughter's outfit for her Daddy's return -- and please, thank him for serving our country!! I'm stopping by from K Andrew's Link Up Love Party...I'm a new follower :)


Pam said...

Your family picture is beautiful. I am so happy your husband is home and healthy. I am grateful to him and to you and your children for your sacrifice for all of us. Be proud of your man he deserves it. And thank you for your prayer.Returning the love from LULP. Hugs, Pam at

Amy said...

I really love your blog and your family is beautiful! So glad to hear that your husband is home and safe, thank you both for your sacrifice for this country... :) I am a new follower and would love for you to check out my blog too! :)

DIANA L. said...

Yep!!! I agree a beautiful family. I want to Thank you and your husband for your service to our country. Love the camo out fit the little has on. Thanks for linking up I m' Here from the LULP sending you love.

Kim said...

I checked out your blog thanks to LULP:) Thank your husband for serving!
Beautiful Family Picture:)
I look forward to following:)

A Creative Journey said...

I really don't even know where to start.... I am all choked up! Your family is BEAUTIFUL! I love the picture you have of your whole family. THE OUTFIT IS adorable that YOU MADE for your daughter (HOLY COW YOU ARE AMAZING!)to welcome your husband home- after almost ONE YEAR! Seriously? How do you do it all? Where is your cape hiding in that picture? Your superwoman cape MUST be tucked inside your lovely outfit! I want to thank YOU, YOUR HUSBAND, YOUR CHILDREN & YOUR FAMILY for all of the sacrifices that you have made in order to serve our country. There isn't enough money in the world that can repay you or your family or even show even one millionth of our appreciation.

Annette_Marlow said...

That is just the cutest DRESS!! Love it! I too am a Military wife, so for my boys I put a picture of Dad on a t-shirt and had it say "Welcome Home Daddy"! Not as creative as yours of course.... but I was proud lol. We are currently stationed at Bragg and getting ready to PCS to Hawaii... excited!! Anyhow, from one Military wife to another... THANK YOU!! Big HUGS to you and your lil ones! I'm a new follower and can't wait to see what else you have to share with everyone!

Dee Burns said...

You have to be one proud Wife and Mother. I thank your Husband for serving our Country and keeping us safe. I also thank you and your family for your contribution, you all are HERO's in my book.
Love the picture, Daddies little girl...oh the memories.
Thanks for sharing your sweet story.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Hi dropped in via the link up party. Nice to get to know you
Becoming your follower
Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V

LaKesha Ferry said...

Thank your husband for keeping America safe. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

LaKesha aka Scrappin Diva

Leanne said...

New follower from K.Andrew's LLUP. I hope you come over & follow me too. I love your family pic. The kiddos look so angelic in white!

Lori said...

Our family would like to thank your husband for a job well done! For giving us peace at night, when we all know he has been working so very hard to protect our country!
I know you and children are so very happy to have him home! And what a beautiful family!
I'm a new follower!
Take Care!

Anonymous said...

I am popping over from Ms. K's LULP. Your daughter's outfit is ADORABLE, thank you for sharing. I would also like to thank you and your husband for your service and sacrafices.
Former Marine wife here. :)

Happy Craftin'!

~pink crayons~ said...

Such a cute family! :)
droppd by your blog from Link uo love party :)
I'm your new follower...would love it if u too could do the same! :)

Raina said...

Wow, what a cute blog! And a special thank you to your husband for defending our country! My husband is Navy.

I'm visiting you from the Link up party! I'm now a follower of your blog! Hope you can do the same and follow me!


Ildi-The craftin mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog from Getting Cricky with K. Andrew. You have a beautiful family, God bless you!! You must have a lot of energy!! I have 3 and they wear me out sometimes!! I checked out your blog and I love your work. I am now a follower.


Ildi-The Craftin Mama

Jeanette said...

OMG!! I absolutely love your stuff. such creativeness...saw you were at my place and hopped right on over to say hello and now I'm a follower!! can't wait to see what else you come up with!
jeanette's crafting place